Sightseeing in Kami-cho map

Sightseeing in Kami-cho map
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yobusakitodai Sanin Kaigan National Park Special product (sea) of Kami-cho <href=" contents:: 1419 "target="_blank" shape="rect" coords="340,75,369,88" alt=" crab crab dishes" /> Japanese setting sun 100 selections - Kasumiku, Kasumi Beach ... Special product (mountain) of Kami-cho Terrapin dishes About Tajima beef Road station "amarube" Amarube bridge Sleeve of armor Okami Park Culture building of the sea The pleasure boat haze-maru Family in now Kora Haze Yada River hot spring Onori temple Mikawa honorific title of a Japanese god big shrine (the Japan's three biggest honorific title of a Japanese god) Kasumi crane Kasumi-cho fishermen's cooperative association _ swimming fish building It is first building in port of Shibayama fishermen's cooperative association _ Kasumi Tourism Association The road station "village, Yada River of sweetfish" Tanada 100 selections "Wasabu, Nishigaoka" of Japan Tajima great statue of Buddha (Choraku-ji Temple) *daiikekoen bungalow village Now Kora family park Muraoka hot spring Gotenyama Park Folk museum Mahoroba Kami-cho Muraoka Tourism Association Road station "Muraoka farm garden" Hyogo rabbit Wano Heights outdoors Education Center Prefecture designation natural beauty spot "Saruo waterfall" The palace of tree Tajima Heights botanical garden - Torokawataira ... Large wig of Wachi The road station "bee north" Hachikita Onsen "hot spring cure town" Flowers coloring plateau Bee north plateau skiing area Sky valley skiing area Steakhouse rhododendron Ojiro Tourism Association ojiro skiing area Forest of having an experience ancient Ojiro ward regional alliances center _ Contact hot spring ojiron Kusu part Valley Contact historical park Japanese Tanada 100 selections, "ugh, we pass mountain" Yoshitaki campground, cottage village Prefecture designated cultural assets "Yoshitaki" Micah TASS no park Island to come back through Ojiro Shinto shrine Southern healthy plateau cottage village House of Amagasaki City Mikata Heights nature Eight waterfalls shakunage parks of the whole country Ojiro valley Heike traditional event "ceremony of 100 moves" Crab

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