About "suggestion, opinion box to town administration"

 About town administration that fixed its eyes on the future of Kami-cho from townsmans toward better Kami-cho is constructive, and please put active suggestion and opinion.
 On examining suggestion that had, opinion in department concerned, and pushing forward future town administration; refer to, and, about thing needing answer, answer from the mayor or relations department. In the case of anonymity, we cannot reply, but refer to as valuable opinion to town administration.

 "We why don't try such a thing" When "we improve such a point,," we look forward to nadominasannotakusanno idea and suggestion.

  ○Please note that you may introduce in town homepage or public information "hometown Kami" after having edited so that opinions that had you approach summarize contents, and individual cannot identify.

  ○Please stop the use to personal slander, slander, for-profit advertisement.

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