Do you not publish corporate advertising in town homepage?

Insertion position We put corporate advertising on homepage of town to plan securing of new independent revenue sources and activation of regional economy in town and recruit homepage of advertiser and corporate advertising (banner ad) to link to.
 Do you not publish banner ad in office having homepage and homepage of town including of company?

Publication page
 Top page of Kami-cho homepage

Offer frame
 1 frame

Publication charges
 1 frame 10000 yen/month
 <when it continues and publishes, there is discount>
 ... 9000 yen/month within 12 months from six months or more
 It is ... 8000 yen/month more than 12 months

The application deadline
 At any time ※We close as soon as space disappears on publication frame.


Application method (flow until publication)
 1. Please download "homepage insertion application" than the following.



 2. After filling out matter necessary for application, you attach manuscript of banner ad, and please submit to government office general affairs department Planning Division by bringing or mail.
  ※Please submit manuscript of banner ad by electronic medium (FD or CD) or E-mail.
    E-mail address:

  ※In the case of bringing, we would like from 8:30 a.m. except closed days to 5:15 p.m.
  ※When have mail, to person in charge of 〒 669-6592 (address unnecessary) Kami-cho government office Planning Division public information information

 3. We notify of insertion decision after the examination in town.

 4. After the notice of insertion decision, please pay advertisement charges with delivery letter of advice by deadline.

Standard of banner ad
 ・Dimensions of image: 140 pixels of height 50 pixels width
 ・Capacity of data: Less than 5 kilobytes
 ・File format: GIF or JPEG form
 ※Please consult about making of banner.
   Banner ad sample
  Banner ad sample

Advertisement that we cannot place
 We cannot place the following advertisement. Even, otherwise, I may decline publication when I judge that publication is inappropriate.
 ・Thing about political activity or religious activity
 ・Thing about principles and policies about social problem
 ・It might be exaggerated or false
 ・It might be against public order and morals
 ・We slander third party and we slander or expel
 ・Thing about type of industry similar to business of offering food and entertainment based on law about adequacy of regulation such as business of offering food and entertainment and duties and business of offering food and entertainment
 ・We might violate copyright, property right, privacy of third party
 ・It is against laws and ordinances, the regulations, rule
 ・Thing about advertisement for help
 ・It might be against young healthy upbringing
 ・Thing about loan business
 ・Thing of expression to give misunderstanding as if town recommends thing targeted for advertisement
 ・In addition, the mayor judges not to be suitable as advertisement to place in homepage


Planning Division

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