About hometown tax

Apply for hometown tax to Kami-cho than "oldness and choice".

Oldness and choice, Kami-cho

☆What's New☆

H30.11.1 We came to be able to settle an account simply in "Amazon Pay"!

 By E-mail, password enrolling in "Amazon" easily
 Login and sign-in to oldness and choice, procedure of the settlement
 But, we came to be able to do it!

 We omit input of shipping address, credit card information and are reliable easily
 We do and can apply for contribution!

H30.4.24 About renewal of 2018 thanks product

 We renewed thanks product from April 21, 2018 and restarted acceptance of contribution.
 The thanks number of articles became approximately 120 articles and largely added fishery products including popular "Kasumi Crab" and "Matuba gani".
 I would like contribution to Kami-cho this year.

[instructions about delivery]

We may not send "Kasumi Crab" "Matuba gani" "secoqueen crab" under the influence of weather on designated day.
  In addition, we may be delivered by fish catches after January in the next year. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

[instructions about special product]
When delivery date is appointed, please appoint day after 20th from day of application.
 (because it takes around three weeks for delivery preparations from confirming payment)
※Some special products including seasonally limited article cannot do designation on date.
※By weather and the fishery situation, delivery may be late.
  Because the sea is stormy after December in particular, fish catches decrease, and case and delay that delivery to designation day is difficult are expected. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

An example of return favor product

Tajima beef roast  Kasumi Crab (we include the direction body) Dried fish set 
Amount of contribution 30,000 yen ... Amount of contribution 15,000 yen ... Amount of contribution 9,000 yen ...

Shibayama gani gold Local U.S. 5 kg ... Kasumi product pear
Amount of contribution 300,000 yen ... Amount of contribution 9,000 yen ... Amount of contribution 9,000 yen ...

About the presentation of special product 
 ・Only in the case of contribution from residence out of the town, we send return favor product.

 ・The contribution number of times does not have limit.
 ・Please apply for one that divides return favor product (limited to the item) into multiple times, and wants to be received each time.
In the case of contribution from residence in the town block, we do not send return favor product. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

 Application method

Please apply  for oldness and application to donation made than "oldness and choice" on the Internet.
  Flows from application to special product shipment

  ●One where the credit card settlement was chosen with application form
 (1) After confirming the receipt of money, we perform issuance (mail) of donation receipt certificate and order return favor product from company.
 (2) We ship thanks product toward the donor from company.
   ※It takes around one month before we pay, and return favor product arrives from completion (except seasonally limited article).
   ※We hope that we have you note that you cannot accept cancellation after the receipt of money.

  ●One where postal transfer was chosen
 (1) After application is completed, we pass through available "payment handling vote" (fee for free) at post office and mail.
  (we may need until shipment after ※ application for around one week.)
 (2) If payment handling vote arrives at hand, sorry for your inconvenience, but the receipt of money (payment), please at post office.
 (3) After confirming the receipt of money, we perform issuance (mail) of donation receipt certificate and order return favor product from each company. In addition, we need for confirming payment for around two weeks.
 (4) We send return favor product from company.

For children carrying the future

 We push forward "hometown education" with the goal of "the making of person who children love oldness, and has pride toward oldness, and lives in hometown as pabulum vigorously" positively in Kami-cho. Therefore we would like to utilize donation to plan promotion of education that we got of harmony of the small, junior high student carrying the future and maintenance of education environment.
 In addition, we do correspondence along the intention when there is designation according to industrial promotion, improvement of welfare.

 I would like your cooperation.

About hometown tax tax credit

Please see this   about donation tax credit (homepage link "hometown tax portal site" of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)

  ●About hometown tax one stop exception system

  Person that hometown tax one stop exception system is used look at this

  ●About final income tax return
  About donation subtraction to affect final income tax return, please confirm homepage of the National Tax Agency.

Report of the results

  In 2017, we had much contribution from the whole country. Look at the results, designation of purpose than the following downloaded file about the details.

Hometown tax for company is this

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