About recruitment of town temporary workers (dietician)

 It recruits temporary workers.

Is going to adopt with the offer type of job; the number of people
 Dietician…One person

Duty place
 Government office health section (870-1, Kasumikukasumi)

Working hours
 From 8:30 17:15 (five days a week duty)

 It is healthy person with address in qualification of administrative dietitian or dietician in birth, town after durability, April 2, 1957

Scheduled adoption date
 Wednesday, August 1

 Day's sum 7,500 yen
 There is money at one time in road supply, the term end according to commutation allowance. We take out social insurance and unemployment insurance

Application method
 Please submit copy of documents proving commercial resume (photograph pasting) and qualification.

The application deadline
Wednesday, July 25

Interview examination
 We have an interview in the end of July. On the date and time, we notify applicant of places individually.

Inquiry (presentation) point
 Person in charge of government office General Administration Division general affairs, person in charge of each branch area general affairs

General Administration Division

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