Facebook page "has super good Kami!"
We send a variety of information of group in movement of Kami-cho and townsman, town!


What is "Facebook?"

 We call Facebook "Facebook". Facebook is the world's largest Social Networking Service (following, SNS). We can participate free if older than 13 years old, but it becomes real name registration system, and registration of personal information is necessary.
  ※SNS is meaning to interchange on connection with person and person.

What is made in Facebook?

 It is site to be often useful for interchange with person, and to be enacted basically.
For example
 • We share that we thought
 • We share photograph which we took and can show friend
 • We can notify of communication of event
 • We can send message between individuals

"Kami is super good!" Then we send a variety of information of group in movement of Kami-cho and townsman, town!
 Trend and event information of Kami-cho send news, information from townsman or various groups again and try for breeding of a sense of unity of town.

 "Kami is super good";, as for the "Kami-cho youth town development social gathering" running o member, both house and work are scattered with Ojiro, Muraoka, Kasumi each. However, thinking to want to make talk, all town better agrees on dream and the future of Kami-cho each other while we are active together.

  This "Kami is super good!" This is page that we made up in such thought.
  And this FB is page making together that is concerned with person, Kami-cho worried about person, Kami-cho acting in person, Kami-cho living in Kami-cho from person, Kami-cho (wants to be concerned).

 This is opportunity, and all the members pray hometown that Kami-cho should boast of for for it being, and we have you bring up this page for a long time by all means and there is.
  Note: It is not official page of town, and please just note that it is examination operation.

※With Kami-cho youth town development social gathering
We talk about town development, and Kami-cho is more livable, and youth in Kami-cho is loved more by townsman
We propose talks, opinion that we gathered in town in order to create ru hometown.



Planning Division

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