Come, and see, and is in love; and KAMI action for marriage information

 It is reporting content to support marriage such as action for marriage event & seminars held in Kami-cho mainly.
 Though is thinking about marriage seriously, you without very fatal encounter!
 You without opportunity that rotates very much though we want to find wonderful boyfriend her!
 Does "anything" not step forward to the first step of ... action for marriage to happen if we take action? ?
 Surely wonderful encounter is waiting.


<< action for marriage event information of the towns >>


**It is just ******************* during preparations **********


By interchange between companies "place of encounter!" ... group interchange purojiekuto

... which supports "place of encounter" for ... "marriage supporter business" to single man and woman

<< marriage support information >>

 Hyogo encounter support center

 If "there is good encounter marriage support regarding as ...".
We have member of group register every group of company or local governments of the prefecture, and hotel, restaurant, travel agency, NPO which are cooperative organization guide event information of plan, "place of encounter" to carry out to members by E-mail.
In Hyogo support center, we show around event of dai targeting at single men and women and are recruiting "members who "meet, and provide member of sapo" and opportunity of one to one marriage meeting providing place of encounter of haba tongue" now.

Tajima encounter support center

 Specialized counselor (stork encounter coordinator) and matchmaking supporter support encounter of everybody.

 The first floor of 594-10, Yokachokunugi, Yabu-shi Tajima longevity town training ridge
 Reception desk date and time Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday from 9:00 to 17:15 (on holiday, we are closed for the year-end and New Year holidays)
 TEL: 079-662-7701 FAX: 079-662-7703

Kami-cho Council of Social Welfare

 Counselor helps with encounter of everybody.
 Please consult with marriage consultation counter about person who is looking for partner casually.

 Court noble     TEL: 0796-39-2050
 Muraoka branch TEL: 0796-98-1000
 Ojiro branch TEL: 0796-97-2202



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