Under recruitment of 2018 Mt. Hyonosen (we do not have hail) mountain range trail race participants!

 Long trail race last war "OSJ Mt. Hyonosen Range trail race" that OSJ trail running race series provides is held this year.
 It is magnificent race to be carried out on the stage of the "Mt. Hyonosen" of the Hyogo highest peak outskirts. Please enjoy course layout and scenery of Nature full of changes.

OSJ Mt. Hyonosen Range trail race
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 The date       Sunday, October 21, 2018

 We start at 5:00 a.m. at start time 

 Start point Muraokakuosasa, Kami-cho district

 Offer capacity    600 people

 Application period    We extended <until Sunday, September 30, 2018!>

 Sponsorship          OSJ Mt. Hyonosen Range trail executive committee

Planning Division

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