Using railroad
Let's enjoy cycling in discount!

 We perform rate discount campaign of rent-a-bicycle targeting at people who visited Tajima, Hyogo (tajima), Tottori Inaba (inaba) area using railroad from distant places of the Keihanshin district.
 Do you not make a tour of cycling breezily in San-in Coast Geopark, Kami-cho?

Participation method

 We show ticket found to have been able to come from 1 distant place (San'in Main Line "Ayabe" "Yonago" Fukuchiyama Line "Tanikawa" Bantan Line "Himeji" beyond) in station square rent-a-bicycle place
  ※But we can substitute even plan tickets such as unused return ticket, "youth 18 character"
  ※Privilege validates once per one piece of ticket
 We reply 2 questionnaires
 We receive discount application of 3 rent-a-bicycle rates
   For example, in Kasumi, Kami-cho tourist association (getting off at Kasumi Station), rent-a-bicycle rate becomes usually free.
   ※There is electric supporting car, too! (only as for the base rate, free)
   ※By the rental situation, number may be short


  Traffic, sightseeing cooperation meeting of Tajima, Hyogo, East Tottori area
  San'in Main Line, Fukuchiyama Line double track electrification promotion resolution alliance meeting
  Tajima area railroad convenience improvement measures meeting

Conduct period

  From Saturday, July 14, 2018 to Friday, November 30
  ※Budget is limited and carries out on first-come-first-served basis and may be finished in the middle of period

Related information


Hyogo transport policy section plan group (only as for weekdays from 8:45 to 17:45)

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