North Kinki Expressway, San-in Kinki Expressway
We perform request activities toward early opening!

◆North Kinki Toyooka Expressway

 North Kinki Toyooka Expressway links Tanba area to Tajima and is high standard highway of approximately 70km in total length to be connected to the Keihanshin district.
 Yoka Hidaka road (Yoka Mt. Hyonosen IC - Hidaka Kannabe Kogen IC) offers open each in March, 2017, and Wadayama Yoka road (Wadayama IC - Yoka Mt. Hyonosen IC) is started Wadayama, Kasuga road (Kasuga IC - Wadayama IC) in November, 2012 in July, 2006 since it was appointed line in June, 1987.
 Business is pushed forward zealously now about Hidaka Kannabe Kogen IC and to the north.

◎San-in Kinki Expressway

 San-in Kinki Expressway (Tottori Toyooka Miyazu Expressway) informs of East Tottori, Tajima, North Kyoto and is other Expressway including North Kinki Toyooka Expressway and local highly specified road of extension approximately 120km to form broad-based circulation network all in one body.
 Amarube road offers open each in December, 2010, and Higashihama Igumi road is started Kasumi road in the prefecture in November, 2008 in March, 2005 since it was appointed line in December, 1994.
 Business is pushed forward toward opening until about the beginning of December, 2017 zealously now about Hamasaka road.

◇Activity of town

 Early maintenance of the whole line is necessary to promote development of Tajima area that was blank zone of high speed car transportation network.
 We hold early realization promotion meeting every year to strongly appeal for hot thought toward early completion.
 In addition, we work on request for related organizations to strongly emphasize the need of these roads.
 We make a little over one level of cooperation with municipalities and prefectures of country prefecture and neighborhood and will develop more aggressive activity in future.



Construction section

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