Notice About school closed days during summer suspension of business

 Kami municipality elementary and junior high school assumes tray period (from August 13 15th) from last year to August school closed days. We do the same period in Kami municipality kindergarten in addition to elementary and junior high school with closed days from this year.

 The staff of a school becomes absent, but, on school closed days, I would like understanding of townsmans and cooperation including protectors in school garden.

 In addition, facility uses such as grounds having you apply are possible as before.

 In addition, we hope that you contact town Board of Education when it is necessary to urgently contact each school on school closed days.


   School closed days of 1 2018

    Three days from Monday, August 13, 2018 to Wednesday, August 15

   2 shut agency schools to grind

     Kami municipality kindergarten

     Kami municipality elementary and junior high school

   3 emergency contact information

     Kami-cho Board of Education telephone 0796-94-0101


Board of Education child Education Section

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