Amarube iron bridge "sky station" elevator

"Amarube crystal tower" was done!

 Amarube iron bridge which supported service of JR San'in Main Line from completion of 1912 for approximately 100 years.
 In August, 2010, they were changed to concrete bridge newly, but it was saved the field, and three supporting beams of JR Amarube Station side were reborn as Amarube iron bridge "station of the sky" prospects facility
in May, 2013.
Many people use  until now, but uphill slope of sharp slope to fine-view facility of user big; burdened.
 Therefore, for convenience improvement of local activation, tourist and JR user and burden on elderly people reduction, we installed elevator (nickname: Amarube crystal tower) and started the use from November 26, 2017. Everybody come by all means.

Elevator judging from walk course


Elevator judging from the south side


We light up by night.

We light up Amarube crystal tower


It is green in spring

It is blue in the summer

Autumn is orange

Winter is white

If rainbow is seen, we are lucky!


Elevator which we looked at from observation deck


Contact garden (waiting room)


Supporting beam and elevator of Amarube iron bridge


Specifications of elevator

  Structure: Steel-frame building 2 stories
  Total of floor space: 120 square meters
  Height: 47 meters
  Use: Passenger use
  Capacity: 15 people
  Speed: 60 meters a minute (we make up rainfall in one-way approximately 40 seconds.)
  Use time: From 6:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
  Charge: Free of charge

 ※As elevator is fitted with glass entirely, it rises while enjoying view and goes down, and it is possible.

View from elevator


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