About illness child childcare business

We began illness child childcare on July 2 in public Kasumi hospital.
Because of disease, I take child having difficulty in communal living in kindergarten, nursery school temporarily.


Target child

 ◎Child who corresponds to all following
 ・Child who is doing tsusho into Kami-cho residence or nursery school, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, kindergarten in Kami-cho
 ・It is child before elementary school attendance at school from 1 year old
 ・Child that there is not sudden change of symptom, but group childcare is difficult because of disease
 ・Child who has difficulty in childcare at home by working of protector

Disease that is not available

 ・Infectious diseases such as chicken pox, chopsticks or conjunctivitis, influenza
 ・When it is very likely to be sudden change of symptom
 ※Please have a medical examination before the use at Kasumi hospital. It may not be available depending on medical examination result.

Conduct place

 ・Public Kasumi hospital 2F disease child nersery room "Ohisama"

Use time

 ・From Monday through Friday 8:00 16:00 (from reception hours 7:30 16:15)
 ※Acceptance on the day is until the medical examination end in the morning.
 ※As you cannot receive Friday in 2018, about the use on Friday, please have a medical examination by the day before.

Day in hope of the use SUN MON Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday FRI SAT
About consultation at Kasumi hospital Suspension of business Consultation of the morning is necessary Consultation of the morning on the day before or the day is necessary. Consultation until the day before is necessary. Suspension of business



 ・Child 2,500 yen half day 1,500 yen in the town block a day
 ・Child 3,500 yen half day 2,000 yen out of the town a day
 ※1st: More than four hours, it is half day: Under four hours (excluded at consultation time)

Use capacity

 ・Two people


 ・Saturday, Sundays and holidays, tray (from August 13 15th), the year-end and New Year holidays (from December 29 January 3)

The staff

 ・Two (one nursery staff, nurse one)

Application method

 (1) Tentative reservation [from 7:30 16:15]
   Please call in Kasumi hospital (0796-36-1166).
   We transfer to illness child nersery room, and the staff accepts tentative reservation.

 (2) We consult Kasumi hospital (outpatient department)
   [foreign acceptance: from 8:00 a.m. at 11:30 from 13:45 p.m. at 16:00]
   Identification of confirmation of doctor is issued if available.
   ※You accept like general outpatient, and please have a medical examination.

   ※The doctor's fee, charge for medicine burden protector.

 (3) The use [from 8:00 16:00]
   You bring identification of confirmation, and come to illness child nersery room.
   Please fill out use application.

Necessary belonging

 ・Seal, health insurance card, hospital card, change of clothes, towel, lunch, snacks
 ・Necessary drink, nylon bag, medicine (when prescribed by doctor), other necessary things


Child-adaptive model in poor physical condition

 Child runs slight fever during childcare, and nurse of nursery school cares when we become in poor physical condition and is business to take until protector is come to pick up.

 [conduct garden]  ・All and nursery school, green leaves nursery school


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