Under "Kami-cho Instagram photo contest 2018" work offer!


... Kami-cho Instagram photo contest 2018 application essential point ...

 The whole area belongs to San-in Coast Geopark, and Kami-cho located in North Hyogo is town having very large nature. There is much highlight in town and holds photocontest for the purpose of telling this charm to many people. In addition, we send charm of Kami-cho to the outside in the town block by utilizing entry for sightseeing PR of Honcho.
 Theme of work

 "Beautiful attractive scenery photograph of Kami-cho" 
※In beautiful photograph in Kami-cho that you yearn for, please apply casually.
 Offer period Tuesday, July 10, 2018 - Thursday, January 31, 201
 Application method

(1) Please install "Instagram".
(2) We search Kami-cho government office Kobe Office account "@kamicho_kobe" and respond. 
(3) We photograph beautiful scenery photograph of Kami-cho with camera, smartphone.
(4) We add hashtag "# Kami-cho fotokon 2018" to image which we photographed and post on Instagram.
  ※One where application is hoped for in one that does not maintain Instagram account is dejita for email
  We decide to take only thing which had you attach rudeta and apply.
  ※Email application point: Kami-cho government office Kobe Office info@kami-kobe.jp
 Rule of application

(1) We should photograph within about two years.
(2) Photograph assumes scenery photograph photographed in Kami-cho.
  ※When person appears in photograph, it is consented to the person concerned
(3) It is said that the upper limit of the number of contributions per 1 account is unlimited.
(4) We send direct message of Instagram to prizewinner. When we do not get communication, it becomes winning a prize cancellation.
(5) We may post work which had you post by "riposte" again.

 We may use entry for sightseeing PR business of Kami-cho. In addition, it is decided that we had you agree on the following items when we had you apply.
 [1] When we use, we do not perform act such as getting consent each time.
 [2] It is said that the fee for use is free.
 [3] It is said that expiration date is indefinite.
 [4] In addition, about judgment about use, we shall entrust all to Kami-cho.
 Selection After offer period, we perform selection by sponsor and decide prize-winning work.
 Result announcement

 We are going to announce in the following by the end of March, 2019
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kamicho_kobe/
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kamikobe/
Kami-cho HP

 Each prize

One highest award (prize of 10,000 yen equivalency), award for excellence (prize of 5,000 yen equivalency) two, 25 winning a prize (prize of 1,000 yen equivalency) 30 works in total
※We present prize (Kami-cho special products) of price equivalency depending on each prize to prizewinner.

Kami-cho government office Kobe Office
Tel: 078-599-5179 E-mail: info@kami-kobe.jp




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