Information for recruitment of 2017 "Kami-cho hometown convenience" members

Guide of living

  • Report, proof
  • Tax, social security
  • Health, the welfare
  • Delivery, child care
  • Environmental problem
  • Life, house

Attention information

  • Disaster, disaster prevention information
  • Oldness and tax payment system
  • Yamate land adjustment association
  • Action for marriage information
  • Unoccupied house bank
  • Public transport
  • San-in Kinki Expressway
  • Olympics France invitation

Attention information

  • Recommended sightseeing plan
  • Kobe Office
  • San-in Coast Geopark
  • Kami is super good!

Paid ad column

  • N plan
  • K-Opticom
  • O cis map
  • aimu
  • Tortoise
  • Advertisement wanted

Population of Kami-cho

As of March 1, 2017
Population18,537 people
Man8,895 people
Woman9,642 people
Household6,644 households

Electoral list enrollment

As of March 1, 2017
Man7,594 people
Woman8,411 people
kei16,005 people
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